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What do you want design? A kitchen? A bathroom? A house? A restaurant? A hotel? No matter the scale, we have the answers and will guide you through every step of your journey - from perception through to completion, from design development to successful installation. Our design process invites you to multiple interactive sessions where ideas are discussed to guarantee a design tailored to your preferences. Our pledge to clients is commensurate effort, constant attention, deep understanding and the assurance that if can be done better, and more beautifully, we will do it.

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Every design at El Shahed Group is created to fulfill your vision. While some customers know exactly what they’re looking for, others find it useful to start by defining their favored styles and designs. You can start your own inspirational scrapbook, or you can browse through El Shahed Group’s archives to explore our ranges of work and pinpoint your exact needs. During this visit, our designer will get a sense of your preferences and the project parameters.



After the first meeting, our designer will begin to develop ideas. This stage invites you to multiple interactive sessions where ideas are shared. This collaboration ensures that the final outcome is precise and perfect. El Shahed Group are specialists in their fields, taking a holistic approach to the process of design and any constraints to spatial planning. A survey will be undertaken to note important parameters such as electricity, supply, plumbing and drainage. It is this foundation that will ensure your design is functional, as well as beautiful.



The process of choosing design, layout, equipment, colours, materials, finishes are all part of the pleasure of ownership. Design details will make the biggest difference in your experience. Designing a kitchen? Do not under-estimate the power of accessible cutlery and cooking tools. Designing a bathroom? Do not underestimate the power of drawer and cabinet functionality. Luckily, our team has the training and experience to make the best use of available space. As part of our service, we create 3D drawings of your designs so you can engage in the process of design and evaluation from mood board to finished design.



Once every aspect of your design has been agreed, workshop drawings will be drafted and full, accurate specifications will be sent to the factory. El Shahed Group will handle every aspect of the process from the design to the handover – and finally  successful installation in your space.



You are always one phone call away from us. El Shahed Group prides itself in providing a personalized after-sales services that distinguishes us from all our competitors. When a customer receives an El Shahed delivery – it is the beginning, not the end of the relationship.



All set? Start exploring our range of products. Get that magical finish to your space – you owe it to yourself!

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