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Frequently Asked Questions

Our scope of projects ranges from residential – apartments, villas, palaces – to commercial and corporate – restaurants, retail, institutions, offices, banks – to hospitality – hotels. You can see examples in the projects section of this website.

We offer architectural design, interior design, landscape design and styling services for all residential and commercial projects. Our main line is kitchens and we take pride in being amongst the top kitchen design specialists in Egypt.

If you’re not sure whether you need an interior designer or a kitchen designer – why not both? And at no added cost! The guidance of both a kitchen designer and an interior designer are priceless and that is what will make your journey at El Shahed Group different and special.

An interior designer provides a ‘wide-angle lens’ to help coordinate designs between rooms, to help you explore styles, select materials, textures, colors, and create an aesthetic for your home.

A kitchen designer, is a more specialized type of expert who can advise you not only on styles, materials, and colors, but their technical expertise helps you with functional decisions, physical restrictions, and spatial challenges. From a design and build perspective, kitchens are more complicated than any other room in the house; plumbing, electrical, sometimes gas lines; appliances, fixtures and lighting, work and storage areas. We spend more waking hours in our kitchens than anywhere else. And because they are so often the central gathering spot for family and friends, there’s a lot at stake and you can’t afford to go wrong!


Remember kitchen designers are interior designers, but interior designers are not kitchen designers!

A common misconception. Our main lines are kitchens and bathrooms, but we offer a full scope of residential products for all areas your home – dressing rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms – you name it! Click here for a more in-depth view into our range of products. We also cater to the commercial sector; professional kitchen equipment for restaurants, homes and hotels as well as hotel and restaurant supplies.

Site visits, in Cairo, are priced at 500 LE. If outside of Cairo, transportation fees are added.

Any good design involves getting to know more about the users of the space. Our first lifestyle consultation typically lasts up to an hour and is free of charge. In it, the designers get to understand more about your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes; discussing potential ideas and concepts for your spaces. If after that, you feel comfortable to continue, we conduct your site survey, as you choose to go down our Essence Package or Signature Package routes. Thereafter, we begin our design journey and we invite you to multiple interactive sessions along the way to ensure your design is tailored to you.

Kitchens excluded, our interior design fees are priced per m2 with two main packages: Essence and Signature.

The Essence package: Architectural layout plans and furniture layout plans, mood boards, sample boards, 3D renders of your space and a 360 tour through it.

The Signature package includes all the aforementioned, in addition to, a comprehensive set of technical working drawings (reflected ceiling plans, MEP documentation, detail drawings) and a BOQ – so that your space is ready to go! Click here for more detailed information on our scope of services. Samples of our work can be found in the Projects section of this website.

We know how stressful the design and construction process can be and we’ve got you covered with our express delivery service. Each case is individual so please contact us so we can see how to further assist you with your issue and ensure your order is right on time!

Kitchen Related Questions

  • This is the most common question and unfortunately, the most frustrating answer for the client. We price kitchens per cabinet and not per m2. As such, there must be an existing kitchen floor plan for us to give you an initial quotation. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to, factors like the upper, base and tall cabinets being different heights/depths and widths, the fact that some cabinets don’t have a back carcass, and that the units next to each other share the same carcass. Every space is unique and has its own sets of challenges.
  • To try and make it a bit easier, we have prepared a Kitchen Calculator that operates a few budget scenarios based off of common kitchens we design every day.

Our secret signature design recipe! Instead of just having a layer of MDF, like most designers, we have a layer of plywood sandwiched between two layers of MDF and laminate to ensure your kitchen lasts a lifetime! We are the only kitchen manufacturers in the Middle East to do so!

Of course! We know that many kitchen specialists impose strict standardizations on clients and we are here to change that! Each kitchen is made-to-measure according to your space and our initial lifestyle discussion ensures your kitchen is perfectly tailored to

Standard delivery time is typically 3 months for modern kitchens and 4 months for classic kitchens and PoggenPohl kitchens (our German partner brand). For those with a constrained time-frame, we offer an express delivery service for an added price.

We offer kitchen appliances and are an authorized agent/distributor for BOSCH Appliances. We typically recommend that your appliances are from BOSCH but should you have your own appliances, we will by all means design accordingly.

Yes, we are partners and authorized distributors for two of the most reliable solid surfaces brands worldwide – Staron by Samsung and Compac – both of which offer an endless number of materials and finishes for your countertop. Check some out here.

If you’re remodeling an existing kitchen, installing a new one or just looking to give your current kitchen a quick facelift, you’ll want to explore our wide range of kitchen accessories and decorating ideas that can make your kitchen a more lively, welcoming and functional space. To top it off, our BOSCH range of small kitchen appliances – as important as they are functionally, they can be just as effective when it comes to your kitchen’s design style and appearance.

Of course. As well as residential kitchens, we design your professional kitchens. To ensure it handles the commercial pressure of your restaurant or hotel, we are partners and authorized dealers of Fagor Industrial, a worldwide leading company dedicated to comprehensive industrial equipment for hospitality, catering and laundry. (Note: some people opt to have professional kitchens in their home!)

Of course. We would love to do your kitchen for you but if, for any reason, you choose to do your kitchen elsewhere, you can buy your kitchen design for 10% of its quoted price.