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El Shahed Group is working hard every day to re-interpret what the exemplary kitchen can be. As one of the leading kitchen designers in the industry, you can be sure to expect only the best from us

Residential Kitchen Design

Your bathroom should be more than a functional area. It should be your oasis, your place to relax, to unwind. When you are considering the perfect bathroom, consider one that can live up to your expectations.

Bathroom Design

Your interior should tell the story of who you are. With an expansive portfolio of furniture brands and a team of designers dedicated to the highest levels of detail; your home will stand out, look different, and show that difference boldly.

Full Home Design

Time is of the essence. Your commercial kitchen must handle the commercial pressure of your restaurant or hotel. Add value to your restaurant/hotel, to your employees, and to your customers.

Professional Kitchen Design

Redefining dining and shopping experiences. Restaurants and shops are as much about the space as they are about their products. Give your customers an experience they will remember by creating the right aesthetic at exactly the right time.

Hospitality/Retail Design

Have you moved into your house and, although you have furniture, it still looks vacant? Does nothing you put in bookshelves, and on the coffee table, look right or appropriate?



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“What’s the price per metre?” is our most frequently asked question. We price kitchens per cabinet and typically require the kitchen floor plan & design consultation to give you an exact quotation. To make things easier, we prepared a Kitchen Calculator that operates a few budget scenarios, based off of common kitchens we design every day. Choose your kitchen style, your kitchen size and a basic layout to get an initial quotation estimate!

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Our interior design fees (kitchens excluded) are priced per m2 with two main packages: the Essence Package and the Signature Package. This applies to all residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Click here for more information on the two packages and pick your preferred route!

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