Coat Rail Luggage Trolley | PEB 131

Coat Rail Luggage Trolley | PEB 131

Evinoks; wide selection of strong and beautifully designed Luggage and Bellboy trolleys are the quality investment for your institution. Base unit fully wrapped with a bumper to protect your hotel. Wide range of product selection; stainless steel or brass finishes complete your reception areas.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions : 1120x620x1850 mm(PEB 111)
  • 940x620x1850 mm(PEB 131)
  • Capacity : 5-6 large size, 10-12 small size luggage
  • Wheel Ø200mm, Barrier Ø32mm, Hanger Ø25mm
  • Carrying tubular construction Ø45mm
  • Produced either in solid brass or stainless steel
  • Surrounded with a plastic protective bumper
  • Welded lateral bars at two sides for higher carrying capacity
  • Complete dismantling tubular frame including the hanger
  • There is a hanger rod for hanging small bags
  • Welded hanger mounted on 3 mm hexagon joint
  • Hotel logo may be printed on the hexagon as an option
  • 2 rotating and 2 fixed wheels
  • Metal part of wheel is chrome plated or polished chrome plated solid brass
  • It may be stainless steel as an option
  • Wheel features are listed in the chart
  • Base is strengthened with MDF construction on steel frame
  • Weight : 49 kg (PEB 111), 44 kg (PEB 131)

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