Hot Appetizer Trolley | GLSS 102

Hot Appetizer Trolley | GLSS 102

High quality serving trolleys changes your serving presentation into a feast. Wood veneer on shelf and sides and solid wood legs give an aesthetics look. stainless steel metal accessories complete the chic construction.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1100x550x835/1180 mm
  • Dry heating system with resistance
  • 4×1/3 /6,5 cm GN + 2×1/6 x 6,5cm GN capacity
  • Well dimensions: 800x340x85 mm
  • Plexiglass roll top with lids opening from both sides
  • Wooden serving shelf on plexiglass top
  • Extractable serving table
  • S/S protective rails and handle for pushing
  • S/S foldable dish plate
  • Thermostat with digital indicator
  • Weight: 65 kg

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