Refrigerated Composite Stone Surface | ABDR 1240

Refrigerated Composite Stone Surface | ABDR 1240

It is a granite surface cooling system to serve cold food. The flange is made of AISI 304 Q stainless steel. The name of the granite to be used is Rosa Beta as standard. Additional charges will apply if other granite is selected. Cooling is provided with special copper tubes that are glued to the bottom of the granite. When the temperature of the granite surface is cooled down to -5 C degrees, the humidity in the air forms ice on the surface. If there is air circulation in the room, then there is condensation on the surface instead of ice. The cold surface is per 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 GN pan capacity. The refrigerant used is R404A. The cooling plate under the granite is insulated with CFC free polyurethane. As standard the product comes with digitally controlled thermostat which is in line of HACCP norms and provides visual and audio alarm as a warning of the increasing or decreasing temperatures. Automatic defrost is ensured. Touchscreen display and lighting are optional upon request.



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