Shahed Kitchens

Sepia Shield

Playful yet elegant

Sepia Shield achieves the highest number of points for popularity and continuity. This kitchen is loved by many for its versatility and ability to connect design elements and its different levels combine seamlessly to create the perfect ‘playful yet elegant’ kitchen interior. When in doubt, Sepia Shield all the way!


Entertain like a pro with our generously sized worktops that make eating & cooking with friends and family an absolute pleasure. And the bar-counter seating extends an invitation to socialize, making the cross-over between your kitchen and your living area even more fluid!

Pull It Out

Strong, versatile, accessible! Have everything in your kitchen at your fingertips with our custom-size pull-out unit! And our BOSCH double ovens – more compact and functional than ever before. Different in-built features, functions and programs – allowing you to do more at once and time your meals perfectly.

Swing it Out // Le Mans Corner 

Rummaging around kitchen cabinets on all fours trying to find your biggest saucepan will be a thing of the past! With our Le Mans corners, your kitchenware automatically comes out towards you with one pull. Say hello to easy access and durability!

Magic corner

Think you can’t do much with that blind corner of your kitchen? Think no more. Our magic corners are the optimum storage solution: 4 height-adjustable baskets that automatically slide forwards when you swing your front panel. Accessing your entire kitchenware has never been easier!

Marble Quartz 

Go the extra mile and make the boldest statement with a Quartz countertop. A winning bet that can happily withstand all your daily wear and tear. Nothing is quite as luxurious, as durable or as stunning! A winning bet for every user! Click here to see our full range of countertops.

Pile On the Metal // Aluminum roller Shutter 

If you’re on the hunt for cool kitchen remodeling tips for a practical and clean style; start piling on the metal. Functionality doesn’t need to be divorced from aesthetics – and this couldn’t be more true than with our aluminum kitchen roller shutter. Keep your appliances concealed and your kitchen decluttered with our roller shutter unit. Elegance, easy workability and smooth motion, all in one.

Built in Fridge Freezer 

No more worrying about that particular area in the kitchen where your fridge sticks out of the wall!  Our Bosch built-in fridge freezers blend seamlessly into your cabinetry, resulting in a streamlined and sleek appearance for your kitchen design.  Click here to find out more about our BOSCH built-in fridge-freezers.

Up and Out // Flip Up Cabinetry 

Convenience and easy accessibility; our lift-up cabinetry is great space saver. Unlike traditional swing doors that require more space to open, and obstruct adjacent cabinets, our lift up systems fold up and out of the way – away from your line of work, allowing hinder-free movement within the kitchen and excellent access to cabinet interiors. Their extra height also makes them a prime display space!

Open Up

Providing plenty of storage space, even in places where others admit defeat. Our open shelf units converse with the area around them and provide just the right space for displaying decorative pieces.  Put all of your stylish dishware on display – much better to let other people see your collection than letting them hide in the dark corners of your cupboards!

Glossy cabinets 

When it comes to creating warm colour palettes for your kitchen, our glossy beige is a must have; constantly reflecting light, altering depth effects and producing stunning effects A colour of comfort, it is often punctuated by bolder colour accents or even other neutrals. Boost the temperature by accessorizing with wooden accents, and woven baskets!