Poggen Pohl


Space for living 

Owing to its versatile design options, the P΄7350 is exceedingly variable – it forms the focal point of a spacious loft or enhances the character of an atmospheric old-tenement flat – in short, it can be perfectly integrated in any ground plan and becomes the heart of the home and living. At the same time, the focus on the overall lines always creates a timeless, outstanding kitchen design.

Concentration on lines 

Outstanding design often starts with details. Owing to the unique technology of industrial mitring of the front and carcase, the front of the P΄7350 appears a delicate vertical line. This processing technique that lends its special character to the P΄7350 is only made possible by Poggenpohl‘s state-of-the-art and exceedingly precise production methods. Engineered, not just simply designed!

Separate, yet united 

The boundaries between the individual living areas are now abolished. Cooking and enjoying the good things in life increasingly take place in the same room without architectural separation. In order to nonetheless fulfil the requirements of the kitchen as a workplace, an elegant glass top has been developed for the P΄7350 that separates the functional area of the kitchen without any visual barriers. The reflective glass contrasts with the solid unit elements and creates a smooth visual transition.

Horizontal meets vertical

The blades, vertical design trims made of stainless steel-effect brushed aluminium, stand in contrast with the filigree lines of the front. They highlight individual areas of the kitchen architecture, subdivide the uniform front surfaces and create a special depth effect, resulting in a more open and varied design. The encounter between horizontal and vertical lines achieves a creative tension that makes the P΄7350 unmistakable.

Four colours – one decision 

The P΄7350 offers an exclusive range of neutral plain colours in matt and with a gloss lacquer finish. All shades can be planned as a solid-coloured kitchen architecture that adapts perfectly to the individual living environment. Combining the plain colours with one another or adding fronts in grey walnut results in a completely new ambience that impresses with harmonious contrasts and sets visual highlights.

Everything well in hand

Anyone who decides on a Poggenpohl kitchen expects something special down to the last detail. A handle was developed exclusively for the P΄7350 with a special surface feel that reflects the character of the kitchen design and emphasises the delicate lines.

Superb – down to the last detail 

High quality materials are a crucial component in the P΄7350 kitchen concept. Expressive solid wood worktops in New Zealand pine contrast with the reflective surfaces of the purist glass tops – the innovative material selection in conjunction with perfect details go to make the special character of the P΄7350 and can be individually combined.