Shahed Kitchens

Ebony Shine


Black demands to be noticed. Homeowners everywhere are in love with the drama of black kitchen design.  Personalize your space and push boundaries with our cantilevered counters. A stunning architectural statement for any kitchen. What’s your favourite bar shape?

#DesignTip: Break the black by incorporating another colour into your kitchen; we think this Piyano Siyah bar speaks for itself – the scarred wood exudes charism and contrasts with the calmness of black.


Smart cooking//electric hob  

How will you cook today? From gas, electric and induction, Our Ebony Shine lets you cook in your favourite way – combining all three. Versatile and easy to use, our BOSCH hobs are the choice of chefs for your kitchen. Control the heat perfectly and instantaneously! Click here for our full range of BOSCH hobs.

120 cm wide drawers  

If you have a lot of pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and other various odds and ends, then our wide drawers are best for you. Very functional as they increase the amount of useable surface space.

Pull it Out 

Storage made simple. Have everything in your kitchen at your fingertips, with our Tower Pull-Out. Strong, versatile, accessible : six height adjustable baskets – allowing you to move the shelves around to accommodate your items.


No more worrying about that particular area in the kitchen where your fridge sticks out of the wall!  Our Bosch built-in fridge freezers blend seamlessly into your cabinetry, resulting in a streamlined and sleek appearance for your kitchen design.  Click here to find out more about our BOSCH built-in fridge-freezers.

Internal drawers

Inside the inside! Get more variability with our internal drawers. The ideal solution for maximizing your storage options, whilst maintaining the external cabinet’s sleek look.

Swept away!  

Our cleaning closet is the best ally for a tidy and clean kitchen. Ideal for storing your bulky & tall objects. Keep your brooms, detergents, buckets, cloths, vacuum cleaners all out of sight!

Entertain in Style

Emphasize your modern, homely feel with our integrated TV unit. Catching the news on your lazy family Friday mornings, or cramming in your favourite show during Tuesday night’s dinner have never been so easy. And our open shelf units leaves space for all your favourite reads, for a bar, for décor, you name it!

#DesignTip: The secret to making a black kitchen work? Proper lighting, and just the right amount and type of it; mood or indirect or accent or decorative!

Open shelving

Our upper cabinets give you the excessive storage space you need. We mean it. Shelves on shelves on shelves. Combined with easy-to-reach base cabinets, you’ve got a complete storage system that gives you much needed space and functionality.

Bin It 

Taking into account that every aspect of the kitchen should give you optimal functionality, our integrated pull-out waste bins offer you the best options in managing your kitchen waste with effortless convenience.

Mirror, Mirror

Our high-gloss cabinets are an impressive addition to any modern kitchen. They provide a mirror-like reflective finish, making the room feel brighter and larger. This works great for small spaces. They also minimize the effort you need to put into cleaning – any stains and marks simply wipe off!