Shahed Kitchens

Offshore Orange


A little orange will go a long way; a vibrant color, it will easily become the star of the show– giving your kitchen an instant burst of personality and a warm, friendly energy. For those who cannot bear the thought of boring kitchens! Offshore orange is loved by many for its versatility and ability to connect design elements; its edgy bar design  and different levels combine seamlessly to create the perfect playful kitchen.

Take a turn/ Carousel UNIT

Practicality doesn’t come short with our Carousel corner unit. 360 rotating shelves that guarantee a clear overview and ideal fitting for your tall pots and kitchen machines, pans and bowls!

pull it out

Storage made simple. Have everything in your kitchen at your fingertips, with our Tower Pull-Out. Strong, versatile, accessible : six height adjustable baskets – allowing you to move the shelves around to accommodate your items.

#DesignTip: The secret to making a kitchen work? Lighting, and the exactly the right amount of it. Our LED illuminated shelving solutions are definitely a thought to think about!


Convenience and easy accessibility; our lift-up cabinetry is great space saver. Unlike traditional swing doors that require more space to open, and obstruct adjacent cabinets, our lift up systems fold up and out of the way – away from your line of work, allowing hinder-free movement within the kitchen and excellent access to cabinet interiors. Their extra height also makes them a prime display space!


When it comes to getting organized, the little things make the biggest difference. From plate racks to bottle holders, you name it!

World’s #1 dishwasher

Struggling for space in your kitchen? Our BOSCH built-in dishwashers. World’s #1. Rigorously tested. Maximum space and efficiency. Fit in narrow installation spaces. Hold up to 10 place settings. All while providing a neat, flush finish to your cabinetry. Click here to see our range of BOSCH dishwashers.

Inside the inside

More variability with our internal drawers; the ideal solution for maximizing your storage options, whilst maintaining the external cabinet’s sleek look.

Smart cooking//Built-in INDUCTION Hob  

Less waiting, more reliability. Serve dinner faster with our BOSCH induction hobs. Up to 70% lower power consumption. Safer; with an integrated pan detection system so there’s no risk of leaving the heat on. Entirely smooth surface; easier to clean and maintain. Click here to see more of our BOSCH hobs.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Easy to see.  Easy to reach. And makes you feel like a master-chef! Securely mounted and can be attached to the wall or to the cabinet doors.

ergonomically raised Oven 

Meet your new sanity saver: our elevated oven. Ergonomically raised to a comfortable level, so you don’t have to bend down while using it! Not to mention, no more hunting around for special trays to fit inside your smaller ovens. Fit your food in one ample space with our 90CM electric built in oven. Click here for our full range of BOSCH ovens.

Built to Fit

Have a bit of a wall left over? Say good-bye to fillers and hello to our custom-sized, thin cabinets.  Custom-built to take advantage of every inch in your kitchen.