Shahed Kitchens

Cirrus Shell


Take a trip down memory lane with our Cirrus Shell classic kitchen – fascinates all with its traditional character and extends an invitation to dream.

Fusion of Modern with Classic

Featuring fashionable elements from bygone days like pelmets, cornices, profiled fronts and the chimney hood; and combining them with the best of BOSCH appliances – convenient, user friendly and energy efficient.

Classic cooking

Conceal your hood with the right décor! And pair with our 90cm BOSCH gas hob: the choice of chefs for your kitchen.  Control the heat perfectly and instantaneously! Click here for our full range of BOSCH hobs.

Aspen Lava Effect 

Aesthetic. Durable. And oozes that particular charm of the classic, timeless kitchen.

Double Performance, double freshness // American Style Fridge-Freezer 

Packing a serious amount of space and featuring innovative technology, our BOSCH side-by-side brings you an entirely new dimension of food storage. If you’re an avid cook or like inviting lots of hungry friends and relatives round to eat, this is your go-to!  Click here for our full range of BOSCH fridges and freezers.

twice as spacious //Swing-Out Unit

Technical precision, elegant movement, maximized storage in the door shelving. as well as height-adjustable roll-out shelving that glides towards you automatically – features that only our Swing Out Tandem can offer! Twice as spacious, yet even the most fully loaded cabinet will move effortlessly with you.

Hanging Spice Racks

With our spice rail system, you can put the spices that you use most often right in front of you! Makes cooking so much easier than hunting around for those ingredients that you need but can never find!

Half Moon unit

Make sure that no space is wasted with our Half Moon corner unit. Shelves that automatically move towards you – one motion and everything is within easy view and easy reach!

Take a turn // base Carousel 

Practicality doesn’t come short with our Carousel corner unit. 360 rotating shelves that guarantee a clear overview and ideal fitting for your pots, pans, bowls and kitchen machines!

The Bosch Of All Ovens & Microwaves

Life tastes good. With BOSCH ovens, it can taste even better.Perfect for gourmets in a hurry. Our compact microwave ovens are multi-talented – thaw, heat up, bake, you name it! One thing is certain: you don’t have to sacrifice superb cooking results even if you’re in a bit of a hurry sometimes. Click here for our full range of BOSCH microwaves and ovens.

Balance// Glass display 

Emphasize that homely feel; and add more space and dimension to your kitchen with our glass display cabinets. You’ll be surprised to see how beautiful your china will look when featured in this setting!

Wicker, wicker, wicker // Baskets  

We feel like vegetables are the one thing that we struggle with in our kitchen – we never seem to find quite the right place so we just them on the counter, shedding scraps everywhere. Alas – our wicker baskets – give your vegetables the ideal storage space!

How Handy// Under-sink storage

If we had to name the most disorganized spot in our home right now, we’d probably have to go with our under-sink kitchen cabinet. If you can relate, we have some good news to share – sliding double shelves, floating hooks, built-in bins – our genius organizers will surely make your life just a little bit easier. Have your pick!

Lazy Susan // L-Shape Corner Unit  

We’re really serious about using up every inch of the kitchen and our L-Shape cabinets fulfill that promise, ensuring no corner space in your kitchen is lost!

Compartmentalize! // Drawer Inserts  

When it comes to getting organized, the little things make the biggest difference. From drawer inserts to cutlery trays to plate organizers to knife holders, and all the way to built-in spice containers!

Golden Hour// Gold Handles

Handles that are so rich in personality, and that confidently pick up on the character of your kitchen style.