Shahed Kitchens

Pearl Polish

a home for the whole family

Cook, eat, live and laugh together in our Pearl Polish. One of our favourite by-products of a big kitchen are the memories created as a family. There is a special kind bond that grows while in the kitchen together.

#DesignTip: Kitchen islands have come a long way from the standard square or rectangle design. If you are looking for something unique in your kitchen, irregular islands shout individuality and depending on their shape, can be a great way to add storage, seating, and in our case…entertainment!

white and wood

The combination of warm wood and white is a classic palette that will last as long as your kitchen. White balances the warmth of timber, allowing colours surrounding the kitchen, like furnishings, artworks, walls and window views to come forward, expressing the character of your home.

#DesignTip: When kept to a minimum – a little color, like our brushes of yellow – can go a long way and create an exciting feature within your soothing palette.

entertain in style // built in tv unit

Who would’ve thought? Catching the news on your lazy family Friday mornings, or cramming in your favourite show during Tuesday night’s dinner has never been as easy as with our integrated TV Unit. And when you’re done, just push the TV back down at the click of a button!

swing out

Technical precision, elegant movement, maximized storage in the door shelving. as well as height-adjustable roll-out shelving that glides towards you automatically – features that only our Swing Out Tandem can offer! Twice as spacious, yet even the most fully loaded cabinet will move effortlessly with you.

family hub: double fridge-freezer

If you’ve got a big family, everyone’s probably struggling for their slot in the fridge! Enter our family hub fridge-freezers at 1200L capacity! Bringing you the most intuitive features in terms of longevity, capacity and durability! Click here to explore our range of BOSCH fridge-freezers.

flip it ip

Convenience and easy accessibility; our lift-up cabinetry is great space saver. Unlike traditional swing doors that require more space to open, and obstruct adjacent cabinets, our lift up systems fold up and out of the way – away from your line of work, allowing hinder-free movement within the kitchen and excellent access to cabinet interiors. Their extra height also makes them a prime display space!

raised oven

Meet your new sanity saver: our elevated oven. Ergonomically raised to a comfortable level so you don’t have to bend down while using it! Not to mention, no more hunting around for special trays to fit inside your smaller ovens. Fit your food in one ample space with our 90CM built-in electric ovens. Click here to see more of our range of BOSCH ovens.

tuck it in // 15cm pull-out

With the right fitting, narrow gaps can provide a surprising amount of storage space and functionality, so why not put that unused space to practical use. Our narrow pull-out larder units are the perfect solution for keeping all those oils and spices at perfectly close reach to you while cooking!


If you have a lot of big appliances, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and other various odds and ends, then our wide drawers are best for you. Very functional as they increase the amount of useable surface space.

induction hob

Less waiting, lower power consumption and more reliability. Cooking with induction makes mealtime easier with quicker heat and precise control. Safer; with an integrated pan detection system so there’s no risk of leaving the heat on. Not only do they provide a sleek look, they are also easy to clean, making them every cooks best friend. Click here to our full range of BOSCH hobs.

make it count

No matter the age of your children, you can always find a suitable job for them. Even if your baby’s only job is to look cute, it is well served time together. Even if your teen just sits at the counter talking, it is still a great opportunity to love and connect with them.