Poggen Pohl


solid yet delicate

A kitchen that constantly diverts the gaze with its surfaces and open spaces.

attention to detail 

A special feature of +MODO is the opportunity for free design. The worktop can be staggered over the base cabinets so that it creates a gap on one side, allowing the trays to work to your advantage. A matching overhang is created on the other side. Everything follows a structure. It ensures that freedom does not become chaos.

An exciting contrast of open and closed. 

A space, as creative and exciting as the life taking place within it.

A good kitchen unites

 Not just the people who use it, but also the environment. From an apartment or a house comes a home. In a good kitchen, there are personal items alongside the plates, pans and cutlery. It is more than a workspace, more than part of a production process. It is a centre, a reference point, an indication of those who move within it. It is a reflection of its residents.

space for everything & anything

To have ideas and reject them. To plan a day and then do something different anyway. To stick forty post-its in a recipe book and then simply prepare your favourite meal again. An open kitchen means being able to keep an open mind too.

Individually designable equipment

Pull out inserted in drawers

Individually designable equipment

A glass cube protects precious belongings.

Individually designable equipment system

Dark wood meets your personality.

Innovative details

Brushed stainless steel ensures clean lines.

Individually designable equipment

“Everything in my home has a meaning. Otherwise, things just become deadweight.”