Shahed Kitchens

Scarlet Shooter


See how fast your kitchen shines with our Scarlet Shooter. The brilliant red kitchen cabinets, when complemented stainless steel accents, make this kitchen win the ultra-modern look that is sleek, sophisticated, warm and inviting, all in one.

#DesignTip: Cook large meals a lot? Having two islands can make your life in the kitchen much easier: one island for preparing and cooking food, the other a dishwashing station.  Better the flow, the functionality and the efficiency.


Double islands in your kitchen means more countertops and  plenty of room to set out equipment, assemble ingredients, and plate food! And maybe a seat or two at the island, so you can feel entertain like a chef!


  • Our BOSCH microwave ovens; more compact and functional than ever before. Different in-built features, functions and programs – allowing you to do more at once and time your meals perfectly.


  • Our BOSCH warming drawers; that can do a lot more than just keeping meals and plates warm; perfect for slow-cooking meat, thawing out foods, melting chocolate and proving dough.


  • Our BOSCH built-in coffee machine; if you find yourself always running late because you were trying to get your daily caffeine fix from the local shop, then the benefits of a fully-automated coffee machine are indisputable.


No more worrying about that particular area in the kitchen where your fridge sticks out of the wall!  Our Bosch built-in fridge freezers blend seamlessly into your cabinetry, resulting in a streamlined and sleek appearance for your kitchen design.  Click here to find out more about our BOSCH built-in fridge-freezers.


What’s a kitchen without storage? Our floor-to-ceiling cabinets give you all the excess storage space you need. Shelves on shelves on shelves.

internal drawers

Inside the inside! Get more variability with our internal drawers. The ideal solution for maximizing your storage options, whilst maintaining the external cabinet’s sleek look.


How many times have you had to separate your kitchen machines into parts, simply because they were too high or too wide for the standard drawer? Alas our tall, pull-out drawer – saves you effort and makes your next meal’s prep faster!


Our BOSCH built-in dishwashers. World’s #1. Rigorously tested. Maximum space and efficiency. Fit in narrow installation spaces. Hold up to 10 place settings. All while providing a neat, flush finish to your cabinetry. Click here for more of our built-in dishwashers.


Give your kitchen the contemporary edge it needs with our BOSCH built-in hob. Versatile, easy to use, easy to clean and look great as the cooking surface to any kitchen and let you create delicious meals with little effort. Less waiting, lower power consumption and more reliability. Click here to our full range of BOSCH hobs.


Organize and keep close at hand a wide array of cooking utensils with our kitchen rails system. Saves you drawer space. Frees up worktop space. And makes everything easier to grab so you spend less time cooking, because everything you need for preparing your meals is instantly accessible!

#DesignTip: When has wood every disappointed? Break the red with wooden accessories to add warmth and a casual edge to your kitchen. Or maybe to write your soup of the day the good old fashioned way?



We’re very serious about using up every inch of your kitchen and ensuring optimum functionality.  If you have the extra space, make sure you take advantage of it with our deep kitchen islands which allows for double-sided island storage.


Our upper cabinets continue our promise of maximising your kitchen storage, whilst maintaining that modern, clean and composed look!