Shahed Kitchens

White Wash

Crisp, clean, chic

Our white handleless kitchens give you the contemporary, sleek design you want; with a minimalist feel and an uncluttered appearance. The ‘white and wood’ palette when combined with our illuminated railing system creates the perfect warm mood with a natural feel. Our White Wash; a subtle backdrop for any of your décor.

White wonder

With white, you can dress your kitchen up or down. Have fun with color accents in your accessories, match it with any wall colour, balance it with bright or muted shades of countertops; whatever you decide, your white cabinetry will always agree.

#DesignTip: Install white cabinets and your kitchen will look big – fact! Install white high-gloss cabinets and your kitchen will look even bigger! Not to mention, they are incredibly easy to clean – just a cloth to wipe off all your stains and worries.

The Bosch of all ovens

Life tastes good. With BOSCH ovens, it can taste even better. No more hunting around for special trays to fit inside your smaller ovens. Fit your food in one large oven with our 90CM electric built-in ovens. Click here to see our full range of BOSCH ovens.

Pull It Out

Storage made simple. Have everything in your kitchen at your fingertips, with our Tower Pull-Out. Strong, versatile, accessible : six height adjustable baskets – allowing you to move the shelves around to accommodate your items.

Pile On the Metal  

If you’re on the hunt for cool kitchen remodeling tips for a practical and clean style; start piling on the metal. Functionality doesn’t need to be divorced from aesthetics – and this couldn’t be more true than with our aluminum kitchen roller shutter. Keep your appliances concealed and your kitchen decluttered with our roller shutter unit. Elegance, easy workability and smooth motion, all in one.

Swing It Out//Magic corner

Think you can’t do much with that blind corner of your kitchen? Think no more. Our magic corners are the optimum storage solution: 4 height-adjustable baskets that automatically slide forwards when you swing your front panel. Accessing your entire kitchenware has never been easier!

Up and Out

Convenience and easy accessibility; our lift-up cabinetry is great space saver. Unlike traditional swing doors that require more space to open, and obstruct adjacent cabinets, our lift up systems fold up and out of the way – away from your line of work, allowing hinder-free movement within the kitchen and excellent access to cabinet interiors. Their extra height also makes them a prime display space!

gather up

Streamline your in-kitchen dining table by keeping the color palette simple and using similar colors in both areas to make the space feel connected and open. The combination of white, stainless steel, and natural wood creates definition without being too overwhelming in a kitchen that packs eating and socializing. Opt for picnic-style benches like these to allow more people to gather up.


Swept Away

Our cleaning closet is the best ally for a tidy and clean kitchen. Ideal for storing your bulky & tall objects. Keep your brooms, detergents, buckets, cloths, vacuum cleaners all out of sight!


When it comes to getting organized, the little things make the biggest difference. From drawer inserts to cutlery trays to plate organizers to container and knife holders, we cater to the varied sensibilities of all our customers.

Less waiting, more reliability  

Serve dinner faster using less energy; with our BOSCH induction hobs. Up to 70% lower power consumption. Safer; with an integrated pan detection system so there’s no risk of leaving the heat on. Entirely smooth surface; easy to clean and maintain. Leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.