Poggen Pohl

Segmento Y

a modern classic

 Handleless, uncompromising, unrivalled. 2018 gave rise to a reinterpretation: +SEGMENTO Y. More compact, confidently monochrome, youthful. Exclusively available in black, white and grey. Fewer colours – more individuality.

More space in your kitchen – more kitchen in your space.

 So that the first impression of your home is an uncluttered one. The appliances are designed into the sides of your tall cabinets. Nothing disturbs the definitive design – with lots of room for your expression.

 Create drama with just two colour shades

The spacer has a contrasting colour and deliberately scaled back. As a result, the highly stable, 14 mm thick cover panel appears to float. You break up the strict geometrical lines with your personal accessories.

big personalities, big spaces

The slender floor to ceiling cabinets provide maximum storage space. The innovative nanotech surface prevents any unsightly fingerprints.

Consistent clarity

Coming home means: arriving. Retreating. Breathing. In this kitchen, the cabinets, recess, plinths and worktop are not only the same material, they all have a standardised colour as well.


Break up the strict geometrical lines with your personal accessories.