Shahed Kitchens

Walnut Wish


The perfect country kitchen with a modern twist. Our Walnut Wish exudes warmth and a homely feel with its secret above all lying in loving attention to detail. Elements reminiscent of nostalgic days from cornices and chimney hoods, down to the handles that are so rich in personality, and that confidently pick up on the character of your kitchen style.


Create a continuous flow from kitchen to dining area by connecting them both together, and repeating design elements from space to space. Here, the dark dining table is an extension of the walnut-coloured cabinets and the sandy beiges of the countertop, chairs, rugs and simple pops of brass create a balanced, warm look.

wake up & smell the coffee

If you find yourself always running late because you were trying to get your daily caffeine fix from the local shop, then the benefits of a fully-automated coffee machine are indisputable; and as many proud coffee-machine owners can testify to, the benefits don’t just stop there. Click here to see more of of our range of BOSCH small kitchen appliances.

#DesignTip: Bi-fold doors are the ideal solution for high wall cabinets, allowing access to higher spaces and multiple shelves at once, with ease, and while taking up minimal space.

You can recognize fresh food because it smells right, Or it’s in the right fridge

Seamless integration. No more worrying about that particular area in the kitchen where your fridge sticks out of the wall!  Our Bosch built-in fridge freezers blend seamlessly into your cabinetry, resulting in a streamlined and sleek appearance for your kitchen design.  Click here to find out more about our BOSCH built-in fridge-freezers.

classic cooking

Conceal your hood with the right décor! And pair with our 90cm BOSCH gas hob: the choice of chefs for your kitchen. Control the heat perfectly and instantaneously! Click here for our full range of BOSCH hobs.

Swing It Out//Magic corner  

Think you can’t do much with that blind corner of your kitchen? Think no more. Our magic corners are the optimum storage solution: 4 height-adjustable baskets that automatically slide forwards when you swing your front panel. Accessing your entire kitchenware has never been easier!

Balance//Glass display

Emphasize that homely feel; add more space and dimension to your kitchen with our glass display cabinets. You’ll be surprised to see how beautiful your china and bakeware will look when featured in this setting!

#DesignTip: Glass cabinetry and open shelving add a harmonious balance to an otherwise dark, solid kitchen. They converse with the area around them and provide just the right space for displaying decorative pieces. Ideal for that “living in the kitchen” culture.

Take a turn // Base Carousel

Practicality doesn’t come short with our Carousel corner unit. 360 rotating shelves that guarantee a clear overview and ideal fitting for your pots, pans, bowls and kitchen machines!

world’s #1 dishwasher

Our BOSCH built-in dishwashers. World’s #1. Rigorously tested. Maximum space and efficiency. Fit in narrow installation spaces. Hold up to 10 place settings. All while providing a neat, flush finish to your cabinetry. Click here for more of our built-in dishwashers.

Wicker, wicker, wicker//Baskets

We feel like vegetables are the one thing that we struggle with in our kitchen – we never seem to find quite the right place so we just them on the counter, shedding scraps everywhere. Alas – our integrated wicker baskets – give your vegetables the ideal storage space!

Open UP

Stylish but functional. Get a high-end custom look without sacrificing your upper cabinet storage. Consider these your best friends when it comes to stashing and stowing your dishes!  And our mini-drawers store your small supplies where they wont get lost amidst the chaos!

The BOSCH of all ovens

Life tastes good. With BOSCH ovens, it can taste even better. No more hunting around for special trays to fit inside your smaller ovens. Fit your food in one large oven with our 90CM electric built-in ovens. Click here to see our full range of BOSCH ovens.