Shahed Kitchens


little black kitchen

Tight on space? Not a problem. Streamlined, small and definitely stylish, you can’t go past single-wall kitchens for their sleek design and smart functionality. Tuck this gem of a kitchenette in any corner of your home and be sure that it will make a statement, with its dramatic cantilever and high gloss cabinet finishes.

Mirror, Mirror  

Just because you have a small kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to suffer from less storage. Blacksplash packs on the shelves and the under-sink organizers to ensure your kitchen is just as functional as it is beautiful.

#DesignTip: High-gloss cabinets provide a mirror-like reflective finish, making the room feel brighter and larger. This works great for small spaces. They also minimize the effort you need to put into cleaning – any stains and marks simply wipe off!


Always try to incorporate built-in appliances into your kitchen. Not only do they provide a sleek look, they are space efficient, easy to clean and provide instant access-making them every cook’s best friend.

The Leading Edge

Personalize your space and push design boundaries with our cantilevered counters by Staron. A stunning architectural statement for any kitchen. Click here for more countertop colours and designs.

Wooden wonders

Create a timeless and old-world charm with our Antik Biyaz wooden backsplash.
Bringing together the timeless color scheme of white, grey and black to create a beautiful blend of simplicity that’s hard to match.

Up and Out! 

Convenience and easy accessibility: our lift-up cabinetry is great space saver. Unlike traditional swing doors that require more space to open, and obstruct adjacent cabinets, our lift up systems fold up and out of the way – away from your line of work, allowing hinder-free movement within the kitchen and excellent access to cabinet interiors. Their extra height also makes them a prime display space!