Poggen Pohl


engineering beauty

Partnership of equals: when Studio F. A. Porsche and Poggenpohl collaborate on a new kitchen range, the result is as dramatic as it is revolutionary. Innovative design and precision engineering combine to create a kitchen of unique and enduring appeal. Form and function meld into one – a kitchen that expresses its purpose with drama, clarity and grace.


The multifunctional lighting system blends harmoniously into the aesthetically pleasing and clearly structured overall concept. Formally reduced to bare essentials, the ambient lighting is an integral component of the aluminium frame. Cleverly configured, the upper profile becomes a function strip that brings optimum illumination to the interior of the wall unit.

inside the inside

Internal pull-outs and internal drawers utilise available space to the full and present their contents in a way that is nothing short of ideal. Functionality that also provides design-related benefits: the fronts can be left uninterrupted, i.e. they can be planned without formal breaks.Handleless solutions reinforce a purist look and, with assisted-opening, are absolutely user-friendly.

touch control

Handleless fronts emphasise the clean, uncompromised lines of the kitchen furniture. Alternatively, practical aluminium rail handles accentuate the kitchen’s horizontal lines. Assisted drawer openings operate at the touch of a finger, automatically gliding out a short distance. They close in response to a light push; a soft-close mechanism slows them down and automatically completes the closing cycle.

swing-up flap

 The swing-up flap opens in response to a mere press of the finger on the handleless front. Lateral spacer pins push the flap forward by a distance that permits easy, convenient opening by hand. Pushed up, it is held in any chosen position. One movement of the hand opens up a large amount of storage space without the opened front intruding into the room. A light press of the finger is all it takes to set the closing cycle in motion which is completed automatically over the last few centimetres of travel.

design statement

 Perfectly crafted, the organisational elements for the interiors of drawers and pull-outs are immaculately presented and of timeless beauty. The practical layout of drawer interiors ensures a convenient and clearly structured system of organisation. High-quality wooden containers can be combined in any way and supplemented by inserts that provide flexibility of use.

defining the frame

The key design feature of the P´7340 is the aluminium frame. Strong, simple and linear, its modularity is almost infinitely adaptable. Unlike the classic fitted kitchen, elements no longer need to be arranged side by side but can be positioned anywhere within the frame.